The best districts to buy property in Northern Cyprus

The best districts to buy property in Northern Cyprus



General information about the island

Despite your location in Northern Cyprus, there are some aspects that are general to the island. First, the level of safety is almost consistent across the island. You can read about the safety of Northern Cyprus in our article here. Therefore, you feel safe whether you are living in a suburban house, in an apartment that is a few minutes away from the city center or a studio apartment at the city center. Second, buying an apartment in a town is always a good investment. Currently, the education sector of the Northern Cyprus economy is flourishing. As a result, there are plenty of students looking for accommodation. Thus, rental demand is high. Even if you do not wish to rent out your apartment to students, there are several options which include tourists who wish rent an apartment for the duration of their stay on the island room for about a week. You do not even need to be here to oversee the management of your property. There are several property management companies that can deal with rentals and tenancy related issues on your behalf. Lastly, in Northern Cyprus, distances between cities, towns and villages are relatively small especially when compared to the distances between cities in Europe. This certainly convenient because you are close to all your friends and loved ones on the island no matter where you live. Anyhow, here are the best districts to buy property in Northern Cyprus.

Kyrenia District

Kyrenia and its suburbs are beloved by foreigners and expats. The most famous clubs, beaches and restaurants are located here. Kyrenia is the trendsetting city of Northern Cyprus. It is also considered to be the most fun city of Northern Cyprus. Regardless of its reputation, it is quite safe. It is not unusual to find young couples taking a stroll without a care in the world at all sorts of hours.

If you really wish to lead an active city lifestyle, you can choose a buy an apartment at the city center. However, if you prefer solitude and relaxation, you can purchase a house in one of the suburbs surrounding Kyrenia. Some popular suburbs include Catalkoy, Karsiyaka, Alsancak, Lapta, Karaoglanoglu, etc. These areas have some pretty interesting entertainment options such as an ice-skating rink, retro-cinema, horse riding schools and beaches. Many foreigners like to live in these suburbs.

Other suburban areas like Ozankoy and Bellapais are located closer to the mountains. These two particular areas are surrounded by beautiful and lush nature.  Esentepe, Bahceli, Tatlisu are situated about 20 to 40 minutes away from the city. They have gorgeous beaches, great fishing spots and a big golf club. Usually, people who value comfort and peace choose these places as their home.

Finally, another benefit of buying property in Kyrenia is that it is particularly favorable for families with children. There are several well-known schools and kindergartens which teach in Turkish and English. In addition, the main campus of Girne American University one of TOP-5 Universities in Northern Cyprus is located here.

Famagusta District

Famagusta is one of the primary tourist cities in Northern Cyprus. It is also famous for its premier university; Eastern Mediterranean University which is the main state university of Northern Cyprus. Currently, the population of students at the university is estimated to be about 20000 strong for about 206 countries. This is quite remarkable when you consider that has a total population of about 40000 people.

Unlike Kyrenia, Famagusta has somehow preserved its unique Northern Cypriot charm. There are several speculations about why this may be the case. It is said that it could be because of the massive castle that sits in the heart of the city or that it could be because of the legend of Othello who is said to have lived in Famagusta with his heartthrob, Desdemona, or that it is because Famagusta is farther from Lefkosa and Ercan than Kyrenia. Ultimately, the speculations abound.

Currently, Famagusta and suburbs are developing at a rapid rate. Iskele literally sprung up from nothing. Around twenty elite apartment complexes were constructed and a beautiful quay was built there. Its municipal authority is working to achieve its goal to make the town “a model for contemporary living in Cyprus.”

Bogaz is also a district in Famagusta that is worthy of note. It is close to Karpaz which is a wonderfully natural and beautiful part of the island. You can find out more about Karpaz in this article. Buying property in Bogaz offers you a life next to the National Park, enormous wild beaches and stunning nature. It is perfect for those who love nature and seek peace and quiet.

Guzelyurt District

Guzelyurt and Lefke are special among Northern Cyprus districts . They are the only areas in the whole of Northern Cyprus that have black earth. This makes them the key agricultural areas of the island. They have got enormous orange, tangerine and pomegranate groves. They are so common in this area that they are considered to be a normal part of Guzelyurt’s landscape. Undoubtedly, this is the most green part of the island.

Morfou is a beautiful bay with picturesque beaches situated next to Guzelyurt.  Another major advantage of living in Morfou is that it is not too far away from all the other cities and towns. It is also in close proximity to local universities. One of such universities is the Middle East Technical University. It is a campus of one of the best universities in Turkey whose alumni continue their careers and studies in Harvard and MIT.