Norwegian Сat, Gracie cured in Northern Cyprus

Norwegian Сat, Gracie cured in Northern Cyprus

A one-year old Norwegian cat, Gracie has recently undergone successful ocular surgery at the Near East University Animal Hospital in Northern Cyprus. The surgery lasted for four hours and Gracie is recovering nicely.

Gracie’s owner, a Norwegian, Elsa Maria Hunberg, provided the animal hospital with Gracie’s medical history prior to the surgery. According to Gracie’s medical history, the one-year old cat was suffering from chronic eye problems. The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University issued a press release concerning Gracie’s case.

Gracie's arrival at the Near East University Animal Hospital

The veterinarians at the animal hospital put Gracie through a battery of tests and discovered that she had a problem with her cornea. Ophthalmologists were called in to discuss the necessary corrective actions required to resolve Gracie’s eye defect. The team of ophthalmologists decided that the best course of action would be to carry out an ocular surgical procedure on Gracie.

 Prof. Dr. Eser Özgencil and his team operating on Gracie

The four-hour long cornea surgery was successfully performed by Prof. Dr. Eser Özgencil and his team. The problems the cat was suffering from were corrected and the cat’s health has rapidly improved. Gracie was discharged the next day and left Northern Cyprus for Norway the next day.

I was deeply impressed by the professionalism of  the veterinarians at Near East University Animal Hospital and the care they showed toward Gracie”  –  Elsa Maria Hunberg.

Gracie after undergoing ocular surgery

Ms. Hunberg expressed her happiness and delight at the degree of care that her cat received during her time at the hospital. She was particularly happy about the professionalism exhibited by the medical staff at the hospital. She had this to say about the hospital – “Even though it is an animal hospital, it looks like a real hospital for people. I am deeply impressed by the building and equipment. I am also deeply impressed by the doctors’ responsibility toward each procedure. I am incredibly happy, that the surgery was successful and Gracie’s health is improving quickly. Finally, I want to express my sincere appreciation toward Doctor Eser Özgencil and his team,” – Miss Hunberg said.

Near East University Animal Hospital was established two years ago as a part of Veterinarian Faculty. It has become an innovator in animal healthcare in Northern Cyprus.