Northern Cyprus Beaches

Northern Cyprus Beaches

Northern Cyprus beaches are really beautiful. Some of them are even included in TOP-10 beaches around the world. Here is the list of the best beaches in Northern Cyprus to swim in blue lagoons of Mediterranean Sea.

Northern Cyprus Beaches

Beaches in Kyrenia

Being a perennial nesting ground for Loggerhead and Green turtles Alagadi Turtle beach is the most famous beach in Northern Cyprus. In fact, these turtles have been coming to lay their eggs here for as long as anyone can remember. Alagadi beach is a favourite for volunteers, biologists and conservation minded tourists and locals. In fact, the beach and the turtles are protected by the government of Northern Cyprus as part of their environmental conservation efforts. However, several not-for-profit organizations actively work with the turtles to ensure their safety and facilitate the safe hatching of the baby turtles. Alagadi beach is free and operates from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.

Escape Beach is the most fashionable beach of Northern Cyprus. It is located in a beautiful bay about 10-minutes’ drive from the city center. Escape Beach is well organized and has an ample parking for visitors with cars. Its facilities are modern and well taken care of. There are comfortable sun beds carefully placed under big umbrellas for guests. Also, they have got clean showers and spacious changing rooms.

Northern Cyprus Beaches

The bar and restaurant on the shadowed terrace provide delicious food designed to satisfy even the most capricious customers. Early birds can enjoy snacks or eat a hearty meal at the beach. The restaurant is known for its sumptuous seafood dishes, Turkish meals, pizzas and salads. Also, there is a great drink menu.

After a meal, you can either stretch out and enjoy the sun, or you may choose to go diving, kayaking or canoeing. Those who wish to get some deep relaxation, can pop into the spa and massage parlour. The activities at Escape beach carry on even after sunset. Locals and tourists throng to the Escape club for some night time fun.

Acapulco Hotel is a Five-star hotel that lets anyone use its beach for a fee of 40TL/12.50€. The fee covers the use of their indoor gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, volleyball and tennis facilities, beach, swimming pool and waterpark.

Diana beach is a small, cozy and stony beach. It is a great place to sit and enjoy the view.

Beaches in Karpaz

Northern Cyprus Beaches

Karpaz peninsula is known for its expansive stretch of pristine beaches and stunning nature. It is also the home of the Northern Cyprus wild donkey. These donkeys are very friendly and will literally eat out of your hand. It is not uncommon for tourists and locals to feed the donkeys during a visit to Karpaz.

Golden Beach is the biggest and probably the most beautiful beach in all of Northern Cyprus. It is a bit of a distance from the city. As a result, there are usually very few visitors at this beach. It is quiet and this gives you a chance to truly appreciate the beauty of this place. On the golden beach, you generally feel immersed in the island’s natural beauty. If you get hungry, you can pop into Sea Bird Motel and Restaurant situated in the National Park at the end of Apostle Andreas’ cape. A trip to the golden beach will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the next adventure.

Beaches in Famagusta District

The main beach in Famagusta is the city beach (Belediye Plaj), next to the Palm Beach Hotel. Actually, the shoreline of Famagusta is an endless beach. This entire stretch of shoreline is maintained by the Municipal services, beachfront hotels and restaurants. All the beaches are free. However, it costs about 5 TL (about 2 EUR) to rent a sun bed and an umbrella.

Northern Cyprus Beaches

Beaches in Guzelyurt

Morfou bay is a clean, untouched and beautiful place located in the west region of Northern Cyprus. Its huge wild beaches, like Caretta are quiet and comfortable. In addition Guzelyurt is home to Aphrodite Beachfront Resort, one of the best holiday complexes in Northern Cyprus according to

Finally, Northern Cyprus beaches are an undiscovered gem. It is naturally beautiful, safe and comfortable. These attributes make it a wonderful place to come to on holiday or to live. No matter the case, there will always be a beautiful beach for you to enjoy.