• What are unique features of Northern Cyprus comparing with southern Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries?
  • How to obtain visa to Northern Cyprus?
  • How to come to Northern Cyprus?
  • How to bring a car or property in North Cyprus?
  • What currency is accepted for treatment in North Cyprus?
  • Banking Hours of Northern Cyprus?
  • Banking Hours of Northern Cyprus?
  • The bank has already closed. Where can I change money?
  • Can a foreigner open a bank account in Northern Cyprus?
  • What is the official language in Northern Cyprus? I want to learn it!
  • Are there any English schools in Northern Cyprus?
  • Working hours of hospitals and pharmacies in Northern Cyprus?
  • The phone numbers of city hospitals of Northern Cyprus?
  • Urgent services of Northern Cyprus?
  • What is a donum? What is it the size?
  • How to pay for utility bills in North Cyprus?
  • I'm leaving for a long time. What should I do with my house?
  • Can I buy an apartment in North Cyprus without visiting the island?

Northern Cyprus is definitely the friendliest country in the world. So many things are done on trust! Unlike in many countries, bureaucracy is uncommon here. Therefore, a foreigner can easily buy property and acquire a residency permit. Property prices in Northern Cyprus aren’t as high as in other Mediterranean countries. Banking secrecy is 100%. In addition, the island is absolutely safe.

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus allows visa-free entrance for any country’s citizens. However, if you plan to stay here more than 90 days, you have to obtain residency permit. Notice that failing to legalize yourself in the country may cause fines.

You can come to Northern Cyprus via Istanbul or Larnaca from anywhere. Notice, that Larnaca is located in southern part of the island, non-EU citizens will be asked to provide a visa. Ferryboats from Alanya and Tasucu are going to Kyrenia port. They are helpful if you are driving your car to Northern Cyprus. Read this article for further details.

You can bring a right-hand drive car or a motorbike under three years to North Cyprus. You can also bring a classic car or a motorbike through the ports of Alanya or Tasucu. Many freight companies offering door-to-door service will bring your belongings right to your new home.

Turkish Lira is the currency of Northern Cyprus. However, you can pay with Dollars, Euros or Pound Sterling in most of shops.Approximate exchange rates are as follows: 1 € = 3.3 TL 1 £ = 3.9 TL 1 $ = 2.9 TL

Northern Cyprus banks are open on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00 with a break normally from 13:00 to 14:00. However, if you are planning to go to bank in the afternoon, it’s betterc heck the exact hours. Many banking transactions can be done online through your bank or ATMs.

Northern Cyprus banks are open on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00 with a break normally from 13:00 to 14:00. However, if you are planning to go to bank in the afternoon, it’s better check the exact hours. Many banking transactions can be done online through your bank or ATMs.

Exchange offices in Northern Cyprus are called “doviz” and provide very favorable rates of exchange. Among their other benefits normally are close proximity to the city center, no commission and work until evening. Sun Doviz is one of the most famous dovizes. You can find its offices in all major cities of Northern Cyprus.

The official language of Northern Cyprus is Turkish. However, almost everywhere you will be served in English. Not all expatriates speak good Turkish, but if you want to learn it, you have several options. You can start language courses available at any university or by hiring a tutor. In addition,UN-supported NGO Home for Cooperation offers free language courses and other activities expats can find interesting.

Cypriots are generally proud with the education in their country. There are several private schools with education in English and learning Turkish as a second language. Among them are the British College Nejat (Necat British College), the school at American University Kyrenia (Girne American University Group of Schools) and the English School of Kyrenia (English School of Kyrenia).

Hospitals and pharmacies are open on weekdays from 8:00 to 15:00. If you need something urgently at any other time, you can apply to a pharmacy on-duty (Nöbetçi Eczaneler). It works 24 hours a day throughout the week of its duty. Addresses and phone numbers of pharmacies on duty are published in weekly newspapers, on stands any city pharmacy and online. Both municipal (tel: 112) and private (Near East University Hospital: 153) ambulance work 24/7.

Nicosia 0392 2285441 Kyrenia 0392 815 2226/8152254 Famagusta 0392 3662876/3665328 Guzelyurt 0392 7142125

Police: 155 Fire: 199 Forestry: 177 (call in case of wildfires) Ambulance: 112

Donum is a unit of area measurement, adopted in Northern Cyprus for the measurement of land plots. One donum equals 1,338m².

All utility bills will be sent directly to your address. It is better to connect these payments to your account, so you will not miss any payments.

Most apartment complexes in Northern Cyprus are managed by specialized companies. They maintain yard cleanliness, repair damages and can find tenants for an apartment if its owner wants so. If you do not live in one of these complexes, you can hire a management company by yourself.

Yes, it is a normal practice on the island. All you need is signing a power of attorney, which allows your lawyer to act on your behalf. Nevertheless, we would recommend you to come and inspect selected property yourself. Thus, you will be sure that you like your new home.