Spartan Investment is a real estate advisory agency that offers a broad range of consulting and real estate development services for clients interested in investing in  North Cyprus. Spartan Investment is a subsidiary division of Hedron Construction – a real estate developer that has over 15 years in building residential and commercial real estate projects in North Cyprus. Given our construction expertise and understanding of the local real estate market, we carefully select the opportunities helping our clients to purchase a house, or make an investment in real estate assets in North Cyprus.

Construction Division.
We have built over 105000 sq mt of residential and commercial property, and successfully realized 18 real estate investment projects. 

Real estate investment division. We completed 18 real estate investment projects,  and have more than  300 properties in our database. Most importantly – our clients appreciate our business.


Natural Stones Extraction and Sales department. The company owns quarry in Turkey and supplies natural stones to North Cyprus market and the U.K.

Our team

Kemal Kahraman
Founder/Managing Partner

Cyprus is the place we are all in love with! When I say us, I not only mean our team, but also all the people who have discovered North Cyprus and for whom it has become their second home. North Cyprus is the country of unlimited opportunities. It is becoming increasingly attractive for those who want to buy a house or invest in real estate. Given our more than a decade long experience and our resources, we can realize your projects and help you to invest in North Cyprus.

Furkat Suvhanov

I moved to Cyprus about ten years ago. For more than 7 years I have been working in real estate sales. The process of carefully selecting and buying a house is no easy task, and as a customer-facing member of the team I am excited to help people to make the right choice. In my leisure time I enjoy camping and hiking with my friends, and making cocktails.

Cemile Ahmet

I graduated from American University with a degree in Architecture. I have been working at Hedron Construction for over 7 years now. My responsibilities include projecting and controlling the construction processes for our residential and commercial projects. I enjoy intellectually stimulating architecture assignments that I work on at Hedron. In my free time I enjoy reading and working on mathematical problems.

Saghar Bagherian

I was born and raised in Tehran. Our business platform ensures that we provide our clients with all the tools necessary to meet their end goals in the process of buying property. We have our own construction and architectural expertise, over 120 selection criteria that we use to carefully select property and consequently add to our database, unlimited client support before and after purchase -- all to make sure that your doing business with us is both enjoyable and effective.

Vepa Kakayev
Investment Analyst

Experienced professional in real estate industry, helping busy people  make investment decisions for the best risk adjusted returns. In love with Cyprus, avid hiker and bike rider.