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We are an energetic team of young professionals specializing in development and investment in real estate. We have built over 105 000 sq. m. of commercial and residential property, completed 33 real estate investment projects, and most importantly, our commitment to excellent customer service resulted in hundreds of happy clients.

Our Mission:

Having built a successfully operating business and investment model we want to share our expertise with clients to help them acquire property in Cyprus and maximize their risk adjusted returns in real estate assets.

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Why you should buy property in North Cyprus?

The main questions that future house owners ask before buying property overseas areThe main questions that future house owners ask before buying property overseas are... Read

Free Inspection Trips

A great many people, regardless of their occupation, age or nationality, dream about a house at the beach... Read

TRNC – Past and Present.

Located on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa Cyprus has rich history traced back to ancient times... Read

Types of Title Deeds

The legal nuances of land titles in Northern Cyprus might seem complicated for those... Read

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Cyprus News

Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Morphou Bay

Two respected yoga gurus, Suzie Heijari and Jeanie Lindsay just completed a five-day meditation and yoga retreat which was held at Aphrodite Beachfront Holiday Resort in Morphou Bay, North Cyprus. According to the yoga gurus, people have different abilities. Hence, the sessions were organized according to the abilities and needs of the participants.... Read

Сat Gracie from Norway was successfully cured in Northern Cyprus

Brought from Norway to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the cat has undergone a four-hour long ocular surgery.... Read

Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus hopes to host European Master Games in 2019

Kyrenia became one of four candidates for being a host city for European Masters Games in 2019. It will compete with Tampere in Finland, Pesaro and Torino in Italy.... Read

Marley set to sing at Int’l Art and Culture Festival in Famagusta

Julian will sing at art and culture festival In Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. Julian Marley, the son of the legendary reggae musician Bob Marley, will sing be featured at the 20th International Art and Culture Festival on July 13 in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. Julian Marley is an accomplished musician and one of Bob Marley’s sons. He […]... Read

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